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EUROSTUDENT VI Database (Data Reporting Module)

Welcome to the EUROSTUDENT VI database!

The database provides key indicators on all topics covered by the EUROSTUDENT survey, for all participating countries. In addition to the charts and tables with detailed results, interpretations of the national data (done by the national research teams) are available.

Please select an indicator within the topics, at least one country and a focus group to view the data.

The database allows you to look at the average of the entire EUROSTUDENT population of the countries selected by choosing the focus group “all students”. This helps you to identify and compare the general overall trend at national level. It is however also possible to select and compare so called “focus groups” of students for all indicators. These 16 standard focus groups are based on socio-demographic characteristics, past and current educational situations, and current living situations of students. For more information on these 16 standard focus groups, please refer to the navigation panel in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen (Supplementary material > Explanation of focus groups). In addition to the standard focus groups, there are several special focus groups with particular relevance for selected indicators available. Please scroll to the bottom of the focus group list to see if additional focus groups are available for your selected indicator.

The database supports cross-county comparisons for both - all students or specific focus groups - of all 28 countries. Please note, however, that the data visualization (in charts) has its limitations and if too many focus groups or countries have been selected at once, viewing and interpreting of the figure might become difficult.

For each country, deviations from the EUROSTUDENT conventions reported by the national research team (such as different wording in the questionnaire, splitting of categories, changes in data cleaning etc.) are noted at the bottom of each page (“country deviation“) using separate tabs for the countries selected. Please read them carefully for a meaningful data interpretation. For more information on the deviations from the EUROSTUDENT target group conventions, please refer to the navigation panel in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen (Supplementary material > Methodological notes). In this menu, you can also find more information regarding the data collection methods in all EUROSTUDENT VI countries (Supplementary material > Metadata).

All data is available for download. In order to download and save your current selection (specific indicators, countries and focus groups) as a MS Excel (for tables) or PDF file or picture format (for the charts), please use the download options in the top right corner of each chart. For the download as MS Excel you have the choice to download the current view or a full download of all data collected in this chapter for all countries (large file). Please use the indication of the source on the top of each page (below the header) in the database to find a particular indicator in these files.

Also, detailed national profiles with a comprised overview of the indicators will be added later. Please visit the online database again in a few weeks.

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