EUROSTUDENT V Database (Data Reporting Module)

Welcome to the new EUROSTUDENT V database! It provides key indicators on all the subtopics covered by Eurostudent for all countries. The pages include charts of the detailed results and national commentaries made by the respective national research team.

Please add a country and choose a topic to continue.

By adding a country and choosing a topic, you have access to the detailed national data delivered by that country and to the national commentaries made by the respective research team.

When you are looking at the data for one country on a subtopic, e.g. highest educational attainment of students' parents, you may add different countries and make a direct comparison.

You can download the data for a subtopic and for all countries in XLS or PDF format using the download buttons in the up-right corner of each page. You can also download the entire data for one country in PDF format, with graphics and national commentaries, using the download button located next to the country name on the left. Please be aware that the creation of the file might take a few minutes. National profiles with background information on the higher education system will be added later, please check back in a few weeks.